Singleton Clamp

Singleton Clamp & Partners

One of the challenges that faced Singleton Clamp & Partners was the need to survey a client's employee, visitor or student travel profile in order to make informed judgements regarding transportation planning decisions. Historically, producing, collecting and collating feedback was a long and laborious process, and so Singleton Clamp & Partners commissioned Formability to develop an online data collection tool to assist in this process.

Singleton Clamp This tool was successfully used to help in a number of planning scenarios. It has also been customised to meet the needs of particular contracts and has interfaced with one of their customer's computer systems, which is something that couldn't be done with an off-the-shelf package.

A commercial version of this product called QuestForm has now been developed, which is an OnLine Questionnaire product. Click here for more information.

To use the transport planning survey, please refer to Singleton Clamp for more information.

Jim Budd, Technical Director of Singleton Clamp & Partners says, "we were impressed with Formability's attention to detail and willingness to ensure that the product met our needs and expectations."
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