web application design development services


Formability develops Internet solutions to meet your needs.

We develop Web Applications, Websites and also Systems that talk to customers, suppliers, business partners, back-end systems and hand-held devices.


Developing Web Applications

As a web applications developer, in addition to developing standard websites, we also help our customers to collect and publish information over the internet. This enables our customers to use the internet as an interactive part of their business process.

For example, with our AuditForm product, audits are captured, processed and published efficiently, saving time in the data collection and publishing process. We've found that this reduces the overall time of the audit cycle by 40% compared to manual audit methods.

Developing Websites

Developing a web site so that you can use it as part of your business processes needs expertise in several areas. As an internet services developer we can host your application or mail server, develop web pages, internal database design and management, interface with back-end or third-party systems, use communication media such as email and support the service after it has been installed.

ABC Methodology

This requires project management, testing and evaluation skills, as well as a server management, programming and support capability.

We use the Formability ABC development methodology: Agree the requirements, Build the system and Commit to live running. Paul Beck helped Capgemini develop their Perform RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology and using this knowledge alongside extensive project management experience, the team helps projects to be completed on time and above customer expectations.

Developing Systems

We develop systems that can run on our own hosted servers or customer servers, depending upon the requirement. If the system needs to talk to other systems, we will carry out a study into how this could be done. We develop hand-held applications that talk to web applications that go on publish information to third parties.

Open Source - PHP, MySQL

We typically develop bespoke products that meet our customer's requirements. In order to keep costs down, we like to use open-source software for system development, especially the php programming language with MySQL databases. However, we are not limited to these technologies.

We will help our customers commit the system to go-live. This may require a pilot run in order to establish the success of the application developed.

Once live, we are there to continue to support the system for the long term. We provide IT support and systems support that allow us to identify and follow up problems through to resolution.

We have also developed our own products such as 'Questform' for building and conducting on-line questionnaires and 'AuditForm' for managing on-line audits.

Formability ticks the boxes to make 'IT' happen.