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Web Application Development

Organisations like to have secure web applications that are used just within their organisation (intranet) or extended for use by specific customers, suppliers, partners or registered users(extranet).

Intranets consist of private networks that are protected from outside access by firewalls. The increasing popularity of intranets is due to significant cost savings over traditional internal information systems.

By having corporate information easily accessible, providing current news and information and having business and administrative processes online. this allows companies to undertake Intranet developments that efiiciently co-ordinate business activities.

Here are some examples of web application developments we have undertaken for our customers:

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  • News pages
  • Customer requirements management systems
  • Technical and corporate manual library
  • Reps reporting and sales force automation systems
  • Online accident book with RIDDOR statistics
  • Audit management systems
  • Customer complaints system
  • Management information reports
  • Data warehouse applications
  • Online account systems
  • Technical equipment specification calculations
  • Competitor feedback and analysis
  • Depot performance
  • Onsite inspection
  • Tackle store management
  • Stock control and stock audit
  • Purchase ordering
  • Quotation systems
  • Invoicing system
  • Sales analysis
  • Credit control and debt chasing systems
  • Financial accounting
  • Customer enquiries and picking.

Users who have network access can access the information using a browser, so the rollout of intranet applications is easy.

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Depending upon the user's network login, intranet applications can be used to show the right information to the right people at the right time.

Publishing information over extranets is less common, as only common information needs to be displayed such as:

  • Onsite inspection results
  • Invoice statements and summaries
  • Shopping cart order progress

Because intranet applications and extranet applications often integrate with proprietory systems such as hand-held applications, or back -office systems, intranet and extranet applications tend to be bespoke applications. The intranet or extranet application would be designed and built to meet the specific need using the ABC methodology.

To find more detailed information about the web applications that we have developed please find a selection of our case studies below:

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