Rotrex Group

Rotrex Group

Formability are the Rotrex Group's chosen IT Intranet Applications development partner. Formability supports the continued use and development of an Intranet for Rotrex business processes such as CRM, management information and administration procedures. For Rotrex Onsite, Formability has developed an extranet for their customers to review work carried out by Rotrex Onsite and inspection certificates for their equipment.

Rotrex is a UK-based business which provides winch hire, sales and service worldwide and high level access and fall protection systems services across the United Kingdom.

Rotrex Winches Rotrex Onsite

With Europe's largest range of winches, Rotrex Winches is the UK's leading winch hire, sales, servicing and support company.

See: http://www.rotrexwinches.co.uk/


Rotrex OnSite specialises in the maintenance, repair, testing and installation of high level access and fall protection systems across the United Kingdom.

See: http://www.rotrexonsite.co.uk/

The Rotrex Intranet integrates with data from an inspHire sales order processing system and Sollertia's accounting systems to provide automated real-time information, reducing the need for manual administrative processes.

See: http://extranet.rotrexonsite.co.uk/onsite/

A current upgrade to the Rotrex CRM system is the development of a Sales Force Automation system working with bespoke call planning software. This system allows reps to more efficiently identify, plan and report on customers they need to visit whilst on the road.

Simon Butterworth, The Rotrex Group Managing Director says "Formability's development team manages to combine all the benefits of being very responsive, clear thinking and proactive with large company benefits of professionalism, expertise and robust systems. Having bespoke CRM software developed by Formability, which our sales team can use 100% of, is far more beneficial to our businesses than making intermittent use of 20% of a CRM package."