Rigging Services

Rigging Services

Rigging Services was established in the UK in September 1997 as an equipment resource for all areas of the entertainment industry including film, TV, theatre and event production. Rigging Services remit being the supply of stringently tested, high quality, hire equipment provided by professionals to the industry.

Rigorous tests, maintenance and certification procedures are applied to both Rigging Services and their clients equipment in order that they meet all statutory requirements.


Every item inspected is held on a web based computer system supported by Formability, enabling all service history's and certification to be accessed at a moments notice.
See www.riggingservices.co.uk/onsite

This system ensures that equipment inspections are fully trackable, reportable using screen enquiries, pdf certificates or as Excel downloads, and are easy to manage. Customers are kept up to date with the current condition of their equipment.

Formability also host and manage Rigging Services main business server Formability makes sure that Rigging Services staff have good access and support for the server so that they are able to carry out their day-to-day business transactions with minimal disruption.

Formability also supports the Rigging Services online shop.

Paul Fulcher, The Rigging Services Managing Director says "...From the outset of the formation of our business, we knew that for us to operate and function in a clear and focused way towards our clients we needed to outsource all the areas and skillsets that were either not customer facing or within our own area of expertise. Formability provide that area of expertise and in a cost effective manner. Using Formability also allows us access to specialist IT and programming skills on a pay as you go basis, thus providing us the opportunity to continually develop our IT related requirements..."

To find out more about Rigging Services and the services they provide, click on http://www.riggingservices.co.uk