InFocus Photography Insurance Quotations

InFocus Photography Insurance Quotations

InFocus Photography Insurance is a product of the Alan Stevenship Partnership that provides a unique trio of Photography Insurance Packs that are specially designed for professional photographers but are available to semi professional photographers, video journalists or video makers.

InFocus Bespoke Quotations

Staff are delighted with Auditform

Ian Stevenson, director of the Alan Stevenson Partnership comments:

"Just a line to express my thanks for the work you have done for us on to adapt AuditForm so that we can now issue our quotation documents to customers with maximum efficiency no matter where we are located. No paper, no postal cost, delivering fully compliant, consistent documentation immediately to customers.

You will recall that we recently attended a trade show at the NEC and had to issue 170 quotations manually when we returned to the office.

It took us 5 days to turn these out equating to 80 man hours. With Auditform we wouldn't have had to do any back office work at all.

The staff are delighted at the way they can now delivery quotations and associated literature effortlessly and are looking forward to taking the product to the next round of trade shows with the option to use tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

I have been extremely impressed with Formability's professionalism, their full appraisal and understanding of the requirement, commitment to deliver quickly, accurately with a 'can do attitude'. "

To find out more about InFocus Photography Insurance and the services provided, click on http://www.infocusinsurance.co.uk/